The Wander Quest is a self-portrait and poetry project.

My idea for The Wander Quest came out of a really dark place in my life after losing my mom to cancer, battling severe depression and having one of my children diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. It has been a way for me to escape the darkness and create something beautiful and meaningful for myself and others despite the chaos and uncertainty around me.

I want The Wander Quest to call out to the struggle in each of us, whatever it is, and challenge us to not give up. To remind us that the most beautiful things are born out of the hardest places; that there is a reason behind the pain and suffering and that we will come out the other side tougher, wiser and knowing who we really are.

And so I have found myself on a quest of sorts, wandering through life learning what it means to be truly alive in the midst of my own heartbreak and sorrow. Knowing that even in the midst of immense pain and brokenness there is a way to feel alive and unquenchable; a way to embrace the hard things with laughter because I know I cannot be defeated, only strengthened by whatever comes my way.

Never let the rain they pour
destroy your hidden flame.
You'll need it when your turn comes 'round
to set the world ablaze.

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